Why you won’t find good startup ideas

If good ideas could be found, there would be a marketplace

Nutella was an accident.

During World War II, there wasn't enough cacao, so Pietro Ferrero tried making chocolate with hazelnuts instead. He ended up creating the world's biggest chocolate spread.

Successful startups are born by accident too.

It starts with the founder either playing with new technology, solving a problem they have, or listening to what their customers want.

Put your work out there.

You don’t need a good idea to start. Write an article about what you learned last year, rebuild your note-taking app, or send a cold email to a business.

The process of creating will help you discover problems.

Real problems that people would pay you to solve. In the end, you might create a successful business you never even imagined.

Less thinking, more doing.

— Marc

PS: My solopreneur journey was an accident. I was bored so I played with AI and created MakeLanding. MakeLanding created ShipFast. ShipFast created ZenVoice. ZenVoice created PoopUp.

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