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I earn $1,753/day with this simple tech stack

When I learned to code, I struggled to decide on the right tech stack with all the noise out there. Here's the one I picked and never changed.

I never change my tech stack.

My 21 products get 250,000 page views per month and generate $1,753 a day using this simple, non-fancy tech stack:

Solopreneur update

I started making 1 YouTube video every Saturday in January 2024. One of my videos went viral on Tuesday:

  • 55,000 views (vs. 5,000 average)

  • 7,000 new subscribers (hey đź‘‹)

  • My channel got monetized

It was also the 2nd biggest day for ShipFast. I didn’t realize the scale of YouTube.


I use ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, and NextJS.

I also use daisyUI, the awesome Tailwind component library to speed things up.

Design trends give birth to new UI components every day. It’s a distraction for solopreneurs. daisyUI has 20+ themes and all the components, that’s enough.

Pick a daisyUI theme, change the font, and your UI is ready.


I use serverless functions by NextJS. I don’t have to install packages or maintain an OS. I clone a NextJS project and I have a scalable API for my micro SaaS in seconds.

My database is hosted on MongoDB Atlas. I create a free M0 customer for each new project and use daily backups ($10/month). I use mongoose on top to simplify queries.

I use NextAuth to authenticate users (private dashboard for instance).

To send emails, I use Mailgun ($4/month). It’s easy and free to start.

Payments are processed via Stripe (3.5%). Getting started is a bit daunting. I wrote this tutorial to handle subscriptions with Stripe.


I host my 21 apps on Vercel ($20/month). I push changes to a GitHub repo and it automatically deploys them.


Simple metrics like visitors and pageviews are handled by Plausible ($29/month).

If something goes wrong, I check Vercel deployment logs. 

I query the database using relevant filters for advanced monitoring, like split testing. But I rarely do that.

I add a random split test number to the DB model and query the latest created users


I hired a junior developer for $10/month. His name is GitHub Copilot.

Some of my products use AI models like GPT-4. Pricing varies on usage, currently, I spend ~$20/month.

And if I need specific features, like image hosting or a CDN, I use AWS (1$/month)

When I learned to code, I struggled to decide on the right tech stack with all the noise out there.

Tech stack doesn’t matter. Pick one and stick to it. You’ll get comfortable and ship much faster.

Whenever you're ready, there are 5 ways I can help you:

  1. ShipFast: Ship startups in days, not weeks with the NextJS boilerplate loved by 1,800+ developers.

  2. LaunchViral: Grow your startup with viral launch videos.

  3. IndiePage: Join 3,000+ solopreneurs and showcase your startups.

  4. PoopUp: Turn your visitors into customers with wake-up call popups.

  5. ZenVoice: Stripe invoices, without the fee.

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