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  • I built websites for 900 days without quitting

I built websites for 900 days without quitting

I made peanuts for 18 months. But I showed up daily until luck found me.

I made peanuts and tweeted in the void for 18 months.

But I showed up daily — even when I didn’t feel good — until luck found me. Here’s how I stay motivated:

Solopreneur update

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I ship small

Some solopreneurs spend years working on a startup until they get lucky. I did that and burned out.

My monkey brain wants quick results. So I never spend more than a few weeks building a new product.

No unicorn master plan. Just one feature.

I play with friends

I started Twitter at the same time as Dan. Every day, I’d check if my tweets overperformed his (it usually did, sorry buddy).

My monkey brain wants to play. So I compare myself with other solopreneurs at the same stage.

No jealousy. Just healthy competition (we all win in the end).

I quit early

Most of my 28 products made at least $1. I’m tempted to focus and grow each of them.

But I move on to the next startup idea after 10,000 visitors (unless it’s a hit, like ShipFast).

My monkey brain hates losing. But I’d rather quit too early and miss an opportunity than quit too late and burn out.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon. Those who don’t quit are rewarded in the end.

Show up daily — 1 hour is enough to build a habit. Create something small. Compete with friends. Don’t quit. And trust the process. I root for you.

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