Your first 1,000 followers on 𝕏

What I would do if I lose 50,000 followers overnight.

In 2022, my tweets would get 1 like (mine) before disappearing into the void.

In 2023, my tweets allow me to speak to 50,000 followers, make a living, and create relationships.

Here’s what I would do if I had to start again.

Estimated reading time: 3 min 38 sec

A chart showing 𝕏 followerss growth

Building in public update

I’ve been playing with videos on 𝕏 this year and the results are incredible.

This tweet generated $11,000 in 36 hours during Black Friday last week.

Videos could be really big on 𝕏 in 2024.

1. Create your unique profile

Your 𝕏 profile is what people see before clicking “Follow”. It should be crystal clear (or noise-free).

Start by finding your identity. Are you a tech solopreneur? A designer? Then build your profile around it:

  • Your bio: Mention your identity explicitly. If you have a relevant track record, add it. Otherwise, keep it simple.

  • Your name: It should be your name or a nickname. Not your startup or revenue goal.

  • Your profile picture: It should be as close to you as possible (unless you’re in crypto).

  • Your banner picture and pinned tweet: Showcase your identity or promote your work.

Ditch everything that doesn’t add value to your identity: dad of 3, part-time student, hobbies… Now, onto the most important part.

2. Engage with creators of your expertise

Most of your new followers will not come from your tweets, but from your replies to established creators’ tweets.

First, follow 100 creators with the same identity as yours. 𝕏 is good at recommending them. Like their tweets so your feed will be filled with their content.

Then reply to their posts as much as you feel comfortable. Make a witty joke, root for them, and add value. Don’t promote your work unless it’s super relevant. Behave like you would in real life to create relationships.

3. Post about your work

You want to tell us a story and build your identity. People will start to see you as the person working on XYZ and root for you. Here’s what I would post about:

  • 60% of behind-the-scenes: What course are you learning from? What feature are you adding to the app?

  • 30% of learnings: What do you know now, and didn’t a month ago?

  • 10% of lifestyle: Sunday plan?

This could be a dedicated issue but here are some tips for crispy tweets:

  • Say “I”, not “you”

  • Avoid long format

  • Don’t use ChatGPT

  • Tell a story in each post

  • 1 sentence = 1 paragraph 

  • The first sentence is the most important

  • Add visuals to add trust (i.e. traffic analytics, code screenshots)

You don’t need analytics or tools. Engage with people, behave like you would in the real world, and show up daily. That’s how you build relationships and grow your 𝕏 following.

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