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Design beautiful websites to sell your product — Colors

Forget creativity, design is about rules. Here’s the 80/20.

I'm a developer, not a designer.

Yet, my landing pages generated nearly $1M in sales by applying design principles.

In the coming weeks, I’ll show you everything I know about design.

Solopreneur update

Nothing happened for 6 years. Now, everything all at once.

I wish I could tell my younger self it’s gonna be alright.

Rule #1: Use less colors

Colors are like beers. Things get messy after 3 or 4.

Look at these 2 hero sections. Where do you want to click?

few colors, 1 call-to-action

many colors, many call-to-action

Landing pages that convert have 1 main call-to-action (CTA), the rest is secondary.

Start with a minimal color palette — 4 colors

The color of the content must contrast well with the background.

  1. Primary + Primary Content for the main CTA, like buying your product

  2. Base + Base Content for everything else

You can design the most important UI components with 4 colors.

Avoid pure black (#000000). Instead, use dark gray, night blue, zinc, etc.

Even an entire landing page.

Expand your Base palette if you need more colors: Find slightly darker (or lighter) colors — no more than 3.

  1. Each Base must contrast well with the Base Content.

  2. Each Base should have a similar hue (all base colors below are yellowish)

We can add a Base Content Secondary color to create a text hierarchy, like a supporting paragraph below a headline.

Base Content Secondary should contrast well with the Base, but less than the Base Content.

Now, you can create any component for a beautiful landing page that sells.

Real designers know how to use multiple colors to build gorgeous UI.

But if you’re a coder with unsophisticated taste for design (like me) go easy on colors and stick to the rules.

You don’t want to confuse users, you want them to buy your product.

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